Meet the Team

We are A Team...

We’re a team of friends and educators from a wide array of backgrounds and institutions who’ve come together to create Experience Lab. We’re on a mission to establish experience as a more credible and celebrated part of higher education and society as a whole. We’re focused on supporting bright students of all backgrounds during their most pivotal moments (aka: you).

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Matt Meltzer
Matt Meltzer Co-Director
Victor Saad
Victor Saad Co-Director
Aaron Wilson-Ahlstrom
Aaron Wilson-Ahlstrom Curriculum Director
Diana Wu
Diana Wu Dean of UC Berkeley Extension
Michael Lawrence
Michael Lawrence Digital Marketing & Storytelling Instructor
Tyler Fowler
Tyler Fowler Digital Marketing & Storytelling Program Lead
Brian Bar
Brian Bar Business Development Program Lead
Jacob Gordon
Jacob Gordon Field Experiences & Industry Partners
Megan Bartelt
Megan Bartelt Program Operations
Sarah Rudd
Sarah Rudd Program Operations
Sara Loncka
Sara Loncka Director of Industry Partnerships
Stella Cai
Stella Cai Content Strategist
Bill Fetter
Bill Fetter Marketing Operations
Elizabeth Ojo
Elizabeth Ojo Marketing Coordinator