Program Timeline

The Timeline

01: Regular Decision June 15th
Starting July 1st, you’ll work through our online prep course to develop foundational knowledge and skills in your chosen curriculum track and prepare to meet with CEOs and Managing Directors at our Field Experience companies. You’ll then meet with our team to find a suitable company for your Field Experience and work with us to prepare for all logistical components from travel, housing, insurance, and everything in between.

02: Online Course Prep | Upon Acceptance
Once you’re matched with a Field Experience Company, you’ll complete a course to continue deepening your knowledge and skills and prepare for upcoming projects at meetup and in your Field Experience.

03: Meetup in Berkeley | September 9th – September 18th
Classes will take place at Berkeley’s SF campus where you’ll collaborate with peers, practice the skills you’re learning, and prepare for your field experiences. Your time here will be a mix of short projects, intensive courses, and space to enjoy and explore SF together.

04: Field Experience | September 20th – December 12th
You’ll travel to your field experience location and begin your work. Your time will center on your full-time work with a startup company, and also include online coursework, weekly professional and cultural activities in your city, and opportunities to connect with locals.