Business Development

1 in 9 full-time jobs in the US Economy are in sales. The other 8 need to know how to sell.

Business Development

The Business Development course, taught in collaboration with our friends at Victory Lap, teaches the foundational skills for building and growing a successful business through the commercial activities of the modern sales process. Business development through fast ramp-up selling is one of the cornerstones of bringing a new idea from concept to predictable revenue, and it’s also how established companies bring new products to market.

We will explore how to build a strong foundation of effective communication and selling skills through understanding the sales funnel and the day to day responsibilities of a Sales Development / Business Development role, and how it fits along with Account Executive roles in high growth sales organizations.

Download Track Curriculum Brochure
Download Track Curriculum Brochure

Skill Development

You will develop a full complement of sales building blocks through this intensive program. The curriculum progresses through all the stages of the sales process, starting with developing customer prospecting skills tailored to online and offline channels. You’ll understand how to engage customers by establishing and maintaining trust and credibility. We will explore the subtle art of uncovering and understanding customer needs by asking the right questions at the right time. Learn how persuasion can help propel opportunities forward and remove barriers that can stall momentum. Finally, you’ll gain the confidence to overcome any objection.

You will rehearse and practice and these skills through live role-plays with coaching to perfect your sales conversation. You will experience direct cold-calling with real-time coaching to practice your skills in an actual situation. Finally, we teach a proven appointment-setting process that drives urgency without being pushy.

The Business Development track leads students into jobs and positions that consist of:

Account Manager
Junior SDR/BDR
Inside Sales
Business Development & Strategy Associate
Assistant Account Executive
Account Development
Sales Systems
Customer Success Support

Download Track Curriculum Brochure

Core Competencies

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Define your strengths and weaknesses, how you learn best, and what you need to perform at a high level.


Learn how to identify key individuals in life and work, and how to create connections and collaborate on new ideas together.


Explore how storytelling can transform the way individuals & communities think, feel, and behave. You’ll learn the principles and mindsets to craft and share compelling stories.


Experiment with the tools and systems that help organizations turn vision and goals into sustainable business models.


Understand how to find solutions to the most complicated challenges using a creative process focused on listening, prototyping, and failing quickly.

Beyond your specific track, you’ll learn five core leadership competencies, taught by a team of experienced instructors who have worked with Stanford, Northwestern, and MIT.



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