Digital Marketing
& Storytelling

Learn how to craft compelling stories to help organizations reach their goals.

Learn How to Tell an Organization's Story

We will examine storytelling under the broad umbrella of content development — the strategic planning, drafting, refining, and production of content. “Content” includes words and images, anything from a quick tweet to a high quality video. We say “strategic” to highlight an important distinction that sets content apart from other forms of art and media: it is designed to serve a purpose. Content, in the sense we’re using it, must support the objectives of a business, organization, or individual. The goal might be building an audience of followers who would later become customers. Or turning existing customers into brand evangelists. Maybe it’s about helping an entrepreneur establish a reputation as an industry thought leader. Or helping a job seeker connect with a supportive network. It could mean helping a nonprofit raise awareness of their mission while showing donors the impact they’ve made.

Download Track Curriculum Brochure
Download Track Curriculum Brochure

The Digital Marketing Track leads to jobs such as:

Content strategy
Digital marketing
Social media marketing & Analytics
Brand strategy

Core Competencies

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Define your strengths and weaknesses, how you learn best, and what you need to perform at a high level.


Learn how to identify key individuals in life and work, and how to create connections and collaborate on new ideas together.


Explore how storytelling can transform the way individuals & communities think, feel, and behave. You’ll learn the principles and mindsets to craft and share compelling stories.


Experiment with the tools and systems that help organizations turn vision and goals into sustainable business models.


Understand how to find solutions to the most complicated challenges using a creative process focused on listening, prototyping, and failing quickly.

Beyond your specific track, you’ll learn five core leadership competencies, taught by a team of experienced instructors who have worked with Stanford, Northwestern, and MIT.



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